Designed Polymers

Coating & Adhesive Resins

The art of polymer chemistry

We, the Coating & Adhesive Resins Business Line, design polymers for a variety of markets and applications. Discover our polymer solutions for the adhesives & sealants, coatings or rubber industry.

Five technology platforms form the basis of a highly diversified business. The products reliably combine and refine a wide variety of materials and contribute to the conservation of resources.

With VESTOPLAST®, the business line supplies amorphous poly-alpha-olefins for thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives used in the automotive, packaging and hygiene industries, among others. In addition, Coating & Adhesive Resins provides VESTOWAX® and Sarawax, Fischer-Tropsch waxes for a variety of applications, such as additives for hot melt formulations or for plastics production.

POLYVEST® is the name for a series of liquid polybutadienes. These are used as a reactive sealants in the automotive, electronics and construction industry. In addition, it serves as a valuable additive to reduce the fuel consumption and CO2 emission of green tires.

With DYNAPOL® and DYNACOLL®, the business line supplies the coatings and adhesives industry with polyester polyols, copolyesters and polyacrylates. DYNAPOL® products are used for interior can coatings, coil coatings and flexible packaging materials. DYNACOLL® products are designed for the production of reactive hot melt adhesives. These are used in the automotive, textile, packaging and woodworking industries.

The business line also produces and sells high-quality methacrylates. DEGALAN® is used as a binder in heat-seal lacquers for food packaging such as yoghurt cups. DEGACRYL® products are for use in dental or other technical applications, such as bone cement or porous molds